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Family Group Conferencing to preserve Families and prevent Child Institutionalization

Karen Smith Rotabi, Richmond, Virginia (USA)
Helping families and their kin develop care plans for orphaned and vulnerable children was the objective of the family group conferencing (FGC) training that took place in Guatemala City from July 10-12, 2012.

This family preservation approach for developing strategies to prevent the institutionalization of children emphasizes the strengths of [...]

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Update on Child Abduction for Adoption from Guatemala: New Court Ruling

Karen Smith Rotabi, Richmond, Virginia (USA)
On 29 July of 2011, Loyda Rodriguez finally received a court order from Guatemalan courts ruling her daughter’s intercountry adoption to be illegal

—processed on fraudulent paperwork including an illegal passport–and required a repatriation of the young girl, now a US citizen. This comes after five years of searching for [...]

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From Guatemala to Ethiopia: Shifts in Intercountry Adoption Leaves Ethiopia Vulnerable for Child Sales and Other Unethical Practices

table 1 rotabi

Karen Smith Rotabi, Richmond, Virginia (USA)
Since the Millennium, Guatemala has sent over 30,000 adoptees to other nations, primarily destined to the United States (US). Concerns about adoption fraud have been raised and some receiving nations placed the Central American nation on moratorium, including Canada and a number of European countries (Rotabi, Morris & Weil, [...]

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Haitian “Orphans”: A US Social Worker’s Caution and Recommendations for Policy

 Karen Smith Rotabi, Richmond, Virginia (USA)
When considering a response to the thousands of children in Haiti who have been displaced from their families or even “orphaned” (1), it is essential that we be cautious in humanitarian steps forward. Right now, children are being flown into the USA on humanitarian visas for medical care. For [...]

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Guatemala City: Hunger Protests Amid Allegations of Child Kidnapping and Adoption Fraud

Karen Smith Rotabi, Richmond, Virginia (USA) 
At the end of July, 2009 a hunger strike ended after 15 days of protests over the alleged kidnappings of three daughters who are believed to be living in the USA with their adoptive families.
The protest, organized to demand a determination from Guatemala’s Supreme Court as to a legal [...]

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Intercountry Adoption Reform Based on the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption: An Update on Guatemala in 2008

Karen Smith Rotabi, Richmond, Virginia (USA) and Kelley Bunkers, Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)
Until recently, Guatemala was on a per capita basis the largest source of US-adopted children in the world. At its peak, it was estimated that as many as 17 young Guatemalan children, many of them infants, departed Guatemala daily as an intercountry adoptees. The phenomenon [...]

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Adoption of Guatemalan Children: Impending Changes Under the Hague Convention for Intercountry Adoption


Karen Smith Rotabi, Richmond and Alexandra W. Morris, Chapel Hill (USA)
Guatemala is the second largest source of US-adopted children. Currently, Guatemala is attempting to implement the Hague Convention for Intercountry Adoption. Significant changes will be necessary for Convention compliance. Six areas of change are discussed explicitly: the requirement for a central authority, the nature of [...]

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